Welcome to the official website for the Microfinance Summit Nepal 2017!

Microfinance has a long and successful history in Nepal and offers some of the most innovative strategies for our country’s future development. It has the potential to positively impact women’s empowerment, access to healthcare and education, and poverty levels, making it a key resource for the country’s development sector. These ambitions will be expressed at the 4th Microfinance Summit Nepal to be held in February of 2017 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Since the first Summit in 2008, Nepal’s microfinance community has gathered every three years to assess the current status of the sector, present new innovations and policies, and plan future initiatives. The Summit is chaired by the Center for Microfinance Nepal, a pioneer network of institutions and professionals that works to promote and improve microfinance across Nepal. The planning and execution of the Summit is guided by the National Steering Committee, a directional body of experts from the fields of finance and development. At each step of the Summit development process, these institutions work together to represent the diverse perspectives of microfinance stakeholders and beneficiaries to make this a truly national event.

It is my hope that the Summit will offer MFIs, cooperatives, and government agencies a much needed chance to cooperate on solutions to the sector’s most pressing challenges. Past national summits in 2010 and 2013 brought together hundreds of attendees from diverse institutions across Nepal and around the world, and examined themes like value chain financing, innovative products, and poverty reduction. We expect to expand upon that success at the 2017 Summit with a focus on practical solutions for the future brought about by an inclusive group of stakeholders.

I look forward to inaugurating the 4th Microfinance Summit Nepal this March and I am eager to see the innovative solutions that it produces.


Pitamber Prasad Acharya

Chairman of the National Steering Committee